Our globes rotate without any external power supply. They require no batteries, power cords or plugging in. Moreover, they are able to turn on any kind of surface. The only power they use is the energy of the forces that surround us, including natural and room light.

The mechanism that sets the globe in motion consists of a drive that uses the earth’s magnetic field as well as sunlight. The energy thanks to which the globe starts rotating is provided by light that reaches the solar batteries. The magnetic element that reacts with the magnetic field of the earth similarly to the compass, provides torque to drive the globe.

The thin space between the graphic and the acrylic cover is filled with a fluid characterized by special optical properties. It magnifies the map and makes it appear as if it was located on the outer shell of the globe.

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Patented product. Patent numbers: the USA 6,853,283, 6,937,125. Europe 1,224,653. Japan 4,111,713. China ZL00814484.2, ZL00814485.0. Taiwan 164526, 176258. Other patents pending.